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Technical Maintenance

A.S.S.'s complete maintenance program guarantees better functioning, more efficient and useful buildings that last longer in time. By improving the performance of building's equipment and keeping the systems at optimum condition we allow our clients to concentrate on their core business and bring in all-encompassing results.

Technical maintenance services have the main goal to assure the proper functioning of the building's system through preventive and corrective maintenance. The technical maintenance of premises involves a 24-hour support (emergency call center), consumables monitoring and management, organizing work schedules, proposals for best use of savings and direct reporting to the client according to requirements.

We offer Technical Maintenance for any building installation and inventory covering all necessary activities even the most complex when it comes to facility service needs, including:

Air-condition systems:
A.S.S. has its own valid certificate for operating with air-condition systems, according to the regulations of RIOSV. The company is maintaining all types of heating systems, air-conditioning and ventilation used in building installations.

Electrical installations:
The company is covering all electrical installations from the supplier of electric energy all the way through to the client.

The company employees have all the required certifications and qualifications for working with middle (20kV), low (400V) and extremely low voltage.

Indicative maintenance items:

Pumping installations:
When it comes to pumping the company is covering installation and maintenance for:

Mechanical and automatic closing mechanisms:
The mobile teams of the company are preventively and correctively supporting:

In case of malfunctions we provide prompt reaction and on time problem solving.

Structural systems and hardware configurations:

The company has onboard engineers with individual CISCO certificates and qualifications for installation and maintenance of structural network systems. A.S.S. provides engineering solutions, problem solving and repairs.