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Why A.S.S.?

We set clear goals and expectations, implement and then deliver timely, accurate services, comprehensive reporting and cost control recommendations. An important feature of our approach is our focus on the client. We take the time to understand the client’s needs and carefully match them with our wide range of quality services. We’re a single source for all your facility operations management and maintenance needs.

National Coverage: With a commitment to continuous investment in staff, technology and processes, A.S.S. delivers unrivalled levels of customer service to clients on a local, regional and national wide basis. We cover Bulgaria nationally with our network of partners providing our customers with the service they want, where they want it and when they want it.
Integrated Facility Solutions: Our broad spectrum of services is based upon an approach that integrates these services with best-practice processes and programs that maximize efficiency, quality, safety, and productivity.
Technical Support Services: Our highly skilled and trained technicians work in close coordination with our customers so they can provide the best suited solutions for their equipment and system maintenance needs.
A single point of contact: We are a single point of contact for Facility Management Services helping our customers to enhance service levels, reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. Our clients can now focus on their core business goals knowing that we are there for their property maintenance and upgrade needs.
Scheduled Mobile Support: We recognize that effective preventive maintenance through mobilization, implementation and transition is critical to ensure business continuity and stability. Our regular mobile maintenance service is an efficient and cost-effective approach enhancing continuity and reliability.
Emergency 24/7 Call Out: Essential service through at 24/7 Help Desk, covering all aspects of asset management. Clients can also have 24/7 access to critical accounts and project information via our secure web based portal, having maximum transparency and accountability.
Quality Accreditation: We have invested in gaining a full spectrum ISO accreditation (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001) to ensure that quality, the environment, safety and health are dully considered in all aspects of our daily routines.
Well-trained and motivated personnel: Our people are motivated, positive and experienced. Our participation in several training programs and industry-leading best practices keep personnel up to date with the knowledge needed to help our clients operate, maintain and support their business.
Innovative Solutions: We offer innovative solutions that add business value. Our Technical Managers are responsible for fully testing innovative products to make sure they are fit for purpose and cost effective. In 2010, in partnership with Siemens Bulgaria, we developed a Security Management System for remote monitoring and control of base telecommunication stations that was successfully implemented in the premises of a leading Bulgarian mobile operator.