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Corrective maintenance occur when equipment fails, requiring a rapid response and resources to correct errors or problems occurring. A.S.S. evaluates the needs of the respective facilities, their condition, performance and programmed activities, as well as expertly implements facility and systems expansion, upgrade, repair, modifications and rehabilitation using proven performance metrics derived from our experiences on past, similar projects.

Corrective maintenance deals effectively with issues found during preventive maintenance (planned and scheduled, then performed during a routine maintenance shutdown) or when unexpected problems occur. It may consist of repair, restoration activities or replacement of equipment. Our 24/7 helpdesk offers a fast response and is staffed by experienced service engineers. They are trained to analyze calls quickly and in many cases are able to solve problems directly themselves, often remotely. And if not, we will arrange for a service engineer to go to our client's site striving for facility downtime to be as short as possible.